Charles Rudin, M.D., PhD.

Faculty Information
Department Affiliation(s) Oncology
Rank Professor
Office 410-502-0678
Fax 410-502-0677
SOM Address Room 544

Cancer Research Building 2

Students Joyce Obidi 2005 -2011

John Poirier 2006 - 2013

Research Interests

My laboratory focuses on the development of novel treatment for lung cancer, the leading cancer killer of both men and women. We are investigating a variety of approaches, including inducing re-expression of genes silenced in cancer, targeting of cancer cell death pathways, systemic administration of a cancer-specific virus, and targeting of embryonic developmental signaling pathways. These are investigated (1) at a mechanistic level in cell lines and in vitro systems, (2) at a preclinical level in transgenic and xenograft models of lung cancer, and (3) at the clinical level, through early phase treatment trials in lung cancer patients.

Graduate students in the laboratory generally choose a novel therapeutic strategy to pursue, and while the primary focus of their work is likely to be in the first 2 of these 3 levels of investigation, they also have the opportunity to participate actively in translational clinical research as well.


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