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Our Graduates

Since the first class of newly minted doctorates in 1999, a total of 267 CMM trainees graduated by 2016, with an average time of 5.3 years. Our graduates are productive, averaging 1.7 first author and 4.4 total publications. CMM graduates are testimony to the success of the training program, having gone on to productive research careers, mainly in academia and industry, where they have achieved leadership positions and continue to make outstanding contributions to translational science.

Based on these and other data, CMM was the top ranked graduate program at JHUSOM and among the best in the nation, according to the 2010 report of the National Research Council.

Name Current Position Location
Megan Albert Healey Clinical Assistant Professor

Boston University School of Public Health

Jennifer Albertz Clinical Research Asssociate


Jonathan Alder Assistant Professor

Brigham Young University

Tracy Allen Teacher

The Friends School of Baltimore

Erica Allen Senior Manager, Medical Writing & Program Management

Impact Pharmaceutical Services

Claudia Avalos Medical School

University of Maryland Medical School

Ezana Azene Vascular and Interventional Radiologist

Gunderson Health System

Kurt Bachman Head of Computational And Systems Biology

Janssen Pharmaceuticals

Victoria Baxter Postdoctoral Fellow

Johns Hopkins University

Sarah Beck Assistant Professor of Molecular and Comparative Pathobiology

Johns Hopkins School of Medicine

Emily Bergbower Medical School

University of Maryland Medical School

Chetan Bettegowda Assistant Professor

Johns Hopkins School of Medicine

Alexandra Borodovsky Senior Scientist


Christorpher Brett Assistant Professor

Concordia University

Angela Brice Laboratory Animal Pathologist, Assistant Professor

University of Pennsylvania

Robert Buckheit Director Sales and Business Development & Manager, Immunology and Flow Cytometry Services

ImQuest BioSciences

A. John Callegari Research Fellow

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

Iris Chen Public Health Analyst

Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA)/Bureau of Primary Health Care(BPHC)/Office of Quality Improvement (OQ

Po Yu Jeff Chen Biotechnology Equity Research Associate

Cowen and Company

Ian Cheong Co-Founder

Entropis, LLC

Rocky Cheung Genome Scientist


Richard Cho Research Scientist


Justin Cidado Senior Scientist


Rory Cochran Medical School

University of California San Diego

Zachary Cordner Medical Resident

Johns Hopkins Hospital

Emily Cousins Postdoctoral Fellow

University of North Carolina Raleigh

Matthew Cousins Medical School

University of North Carolina Chapel Hill

Jordan Cummings Co-Director, High Risk Skin Cancer Clinic

Massachusettes General Hospital

Karen Kate David Program Analyst

National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS)

Renee Domergue Mundy Head of Global Portfolio and Product Strategy, Emerging Oncology


Shariff Dunlap Clinical neurophysiology, neuromuscular Fellow

University of Maryland Medical Systems

Tamara Flys Director of Research

Southwest Care Center

Kelly Foley Associate Scientist

Personal Genome Diagnostics

Christopher Frank Family Medicine and Obstetrics & Gynecology

Olympic Medical Center

Tiffany Frey Assistant Professor

Dickenson University

Matt Frieman Assistant Professor

University of Maryland at Baltimore

Allison Galanis Associate Professor

Colby College

Anand Ganesan Associate Professor

Flinders University

Mayra Garcia Biologist


Justin Glenn Postdoctoral Fellow

Johns Hopkins University

Monica Goldberg Senior Research Investigator

Bristol-Myers Squibb

Laura Gottschalk ORISE Fellow

PACCARB  in the Department of Health and Human Services

Inna Grishkan Medical Resident

Johns Hopkins Hospital

Tim Harris Assistant Professor, Pediatrics and CNS Malignancies

Massey Cancer Center, Virginia Commonwealth University

Michelle Harris Ols Senior Scientist

Obsidian Therapeutics

Tamia Harris-Tryon Assistant Professor

UT Southwestern Medicial Center

Will Hendricks Assistant Professor

Translational Genomics Research Institute

Elisabeth Heuston Research Fellow

National Human Genome Research Institute, (NHGRI)

Danica Horell Wnuk Technical Program Manager


Nina Hosmane Technical Application Scientist


George Huang Chief Financial Officer

Entropis, LLC

Krishna Juluri Medical Resident

Johns Hopkins University

Namyoung Jung Postdoctoral Associate

Stanford University

Geetha Kannen Postdoctoral Fellow

University of Michigan

Ian Kaplan Immunosequencing Account Executive

Adaptive Biotechnologies, Corp

David Kim Translational Scientist

Blade Therapeutics, Inc

Kristina Krasnov Miller Senior Consultant

Deloitte, Association for Women in Science

Kirsten Kulcsar Postdoctoral Fellow

United States Army Medical Research Institute

Katherine LaClair Postdoctoral fellow

German Center for Neurodegenerative Diseases

Christine Ladd-Acosta Assistant Professor

Bloomberg School of Public Health

Gregory Laird Postdoctoral Fellow

Johns Hopkins University

Gyanu Lamichhane Assistant Professor

Johns Hopkins University

Andrew Larsen Consultant

ClearView Healthcare Partners

ChangHee Lee Postdoctoral Fellow

Harvard Medical School

Kenya Lemon Assistant Professor

Albany State University

Davinna Ligons Postdoctoral Fellow


C. Jimmy Lin Chief Scientific Officer, Oncology


Megan Lindsay Povelones Assistant Professor

Pennsylania State Brandywine

Ivan Litvinov Assistant Professor

University of Ottawa

Brian Luna Instructor

USC, Keck School of Medicine

Martin Ma Medical School

Johns Hopkins Hospital

Hayley Wall Ma Postdoctoral Fellow

Johns Hopkins University

deMauri Mackie Fellowship in Clinical Research Methodology

Worldwide Clinical Trials

Lisa Mangus Research Faculty

Johns Hopkins School of Medicine

Stacy Mazzalupo Sr. Scientist


Rowena McBeath Hand Surgeon

The Philadelphia Hand Center

Kelly McGarvey NCBI RefSeq Genome Curator


Emily McVey Environmental Toxicologist/Risk Assessor

Dutch Board for the Authorisation of Plant Protection Products and Biocides

Annastasiah Mhaka Director, Business Development & Strategic Alliances

Johns Hopkins Health System

Adam Moyer Postdoctoral fellow

Johns Hopkins University

Eric Nakakura Associate Professor

University of California, San Francisco

Ha Nam Nguyen Postdoctoral Fellow

Johns Hopkins University

Alexis Norris Post Doctoral Fellow

Kennedy Krieger Institute

Frederick Nucifora Assistant Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences

Johns Hopkins University

Xiaoou Pan Clinical Research Associate

Mt. Sinai Medical Center Miami Beach

Sarah Park VP, Foundation Grants & Industry Relations; Research Postdoctoral Fellow

Rare Genomics Institute,

The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Research Institute

Eunhye Park Principal Scientist

Merck 2017

Kelly Metcalf Pate, DVM Assistant Professor

Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

Sarah Pedersen Consultant

Arthur D. Little

Vesselin Penchev Medical School

University of Maryland Medical School

Obdulio Piloto Co-Founder, CEO

Entopsis, LLC

Maria Pletneva Pathologist

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

John Poirier Assistant Professor

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

Carlo Rago Science Advisor

OpenOnward,  Ryan’s Quest

Harith Rajagoalan Founder and CEO

Fractly Laboratories

Talmesha Richards Chief Academic and Diversity Officer

STEMconnector and Million Women Mentors

Janelle Rowell ORISE Postdoctor Fellow


Agnieszka (Aggie) Rucki Research Program Coordinator

Johns Hopkins University

Julia Russell Pin
Helen Sadik Science Knowledge Engineer


Kaitlyn Sadtler Postdoctoral fellow

Johns Hopkins University

Karen Sandell Sfanos Assistant Professor

Johns Hopkins Univeristy

Mark Sausen Vice President of Research and Development

Personal Genome Diagnostics

Jason Shepherd Assistant Professor of Neurobiology and Anatomy

University of Utah

Molly Sheridan Assistant Laboratory Director

McKusick-Nathans Institute of Genetic Medicine Johns Hopkins University

Sara Sinclair Faculty Member

Dine’ College – ‎Dine’ College (formerly Navajo Community College)

Jee Hoon Song Medical School

University of Maryland Hospital

Sathya Sriram-Ravichandran Head of Strategy, The Hindu Group

Kasturi & Sons, Ltd

Virote Sriuranpong Assistant Professor

Chulalongkorn University

Jennifer Stephens Guler Research Assistant Professor

University of Virginia

Han Sun Postdoctoral Fellow

City of Hope

Greg Szeto Assistant Professor

University of Maryland Baltimore County

Kekoa Taparra Medical School

Mayo Medical School

Angela Ting Associate Staff

Genomic Medicine Institute , Lerner Research Institute , The Cleveland Clinic

Hsing-Chen Tsai Assistant Professor

National Taiwan University

William Tsao Internal Medicine Resident

Johns Hopkins Bayview

Shey-Cherng Tzou Assistant Professor

National Chiao Tung University

Briana Vecchio-Pagán Senior Professional Staff

Johns Hopkins University APL

Patty Shih Vernon
Christa Wagner Postdoctoral fellow

Johns Hopkins University

David Wang Assistant Professor

UT Southwestern Medicial Center

Christopher Weier ‎Lead Project Scientist

RedVault Biosciences

John Kent Werner CFO - Founder

Cogentis Therapeutics

Kelli M. Wilson Research Scientist

National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences (NCATS)

Kathryn Winglee ORISE Bioinformatics Fellow

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Jihye Yun Damon Runyon Research Fellow

Harvard Medical School

Tracy Zhang
Rebekah Zinn Interdisciplinary Scientist/Biologist

Food and Drug Administration

Meredith Zoch Associate Consultant, Clinical Trial Management

Eli Lilly and Company