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Xiaoou Pan

Class 2006
Education BA, Washington University at St. Louis

Dr. Pierre Coulombe

Current Position Clinical Research Associate

Mt. Sinai Medical Center Miami Beach

Research Interests

The role of Keratin 17 in cell signaling

I am currently studying keratins, a type of intermediate filament, and their functions in cell growth signaling. Specifically, I am interested in deciphering the role that Keratin 17 (K17) play in the mTOR pathway. It was previously hypothesized that phosphorylated K17 may increase protein translation by interacting with 14-3-3σ, which negatively regulates the Tuberin/Hamarin complex, and thus releasing the inhibitory effect on mTOR. Up to date, the upstream kinase responsible for phosphorylating K17 has not been determined although Akt is a good candidate for various reasons. My project will focus on identifying the upstream signaling events that result in the K17 phosphorylation.