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Will Hendricks

Class 2005
Education BA, Arizona State Unviersity

Dr. Ken Kinzler

Current Position Assistant Professor

Tanslational Genomics Research Institute

Research Interests

In Vitro Allele Separation: Improved Template Preparation for Downstream Genetic Analyses
When performing germline mutation analysis for diagnosis of dominantly inherited genetic disorders it is desirable to separate the diseased allele from the wild-type allele. In such diseases mutations only occur in one allele and are often undetectable by standard genomic DNA sequencing either because the mutant allele is masked by the wild-type allele or because the mutant allele is of a class not detectable by standard sequencing (e.g. large deletions or rearrangements). I’m developing an allele-separation assay to enhance the sensitivity of germline mutation detection. This technique may also be useful for template preparation in a variety of genetic studies such as genome-wide association studies and the cloning of translocations