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Voraphoj Gui Nilaratanakul

Class 2011
Education MD, Chulalongkorn University

Dr. Diane Griffin

Research Interests

RNA viruses typically cause acute infections and are presumed to be rapidly eradicated from hosts. However, this presumption tends to be false. For instance, the viral antigens must be retained in hosts for a long time to drive the affinity maturation of virus-specific antibodies, a process that occurs slowly over months. Recently, some RNA viruses in humans (West Nile, dengue, etc.) have been reported for the viral RNA persistence, detected by RT-PCR. In mouse model, Sindbis virus (TE strain) can infect CNS without apparent symptoms. The infectious virions are cleared from brains within 1 week, but the viral RNA persists at low level for more than 6 months. My research questions are how can this virus persist and be cleared. I focus on antibody-mediated clearance of Sindbis virus, using AID knockout mice (produce only IgM/D) to study the sufficiency of IgM and the necessity of other subclasses in each phase of viral clearance.