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Victoria Baxter

Class 2011
Education DVM, Texas A & M University

Dr. Diane Griffin

Current Position Postdoctoral Fellow

Johns Hopkins University

Research Interests

Increased numbers of outbreaks of human encephalomyelitis caused by arthropod-borne alphaviruses have occurred in the last twenty years in the Americas in which they are endemic. Though humans generally represent a rare dead-end host for these viruses, infection results in severe neurological disease with high mortality, and long-term neurologic sequelae resulting from infection, especially in infants and children, can give rise to devastating physical, mental, and financial disabilities.

Sindbis virus, the prototypic alphavirus, causes rash and arthritis in humans but is neurotropic in mice, providing an excellent model for studying alphavirus-induced encephalomyelitis. In susceptible immunocompetant mice, Sindbis virus infection consists of three distinct phases: 1) presence of high levels of both infectious virus and viral RNA; 2) undetectable infectious virus with significant yet declining viral RNA levels; and 3) chronic low-but-detectable steady state viral RNA levels. Since neurons are an extremely valuable but finite and irreplaceable cell population, a noncytolytic mechanism of virus clearance is essential for preservation of functionality. Previous studies have shown that both antibody against Sindbis virus E2 glycoprotein and the cytokine interferon gamma (IFN-g) play a vital role in clearance of virus. However, the mechanisms by which they do so are not fully understood. My project aims to determine the role IFN-g plays in virus replication and clearance and identify the neurological sequelae resulting from Sindbis virus infection in a mouse model of alphavirus encephalitis.


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