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Varenka Rodriguez DiBlasi

Class 2013
Education BS, Northeastern University

Dr. Andy Feinberg

Research Interests

Genetic and epigenetic changes drive cancer progression. While both genetic mutations and epigenetic changes appear to drive cancer initiation, we hypothesize that, in part, epigenetic variability within tumor cell populations drives tumor cell heterogeneity in tumor progression. My thesis project aims to investigate this variability utilizing single cell genomic approaches. Additionally, we aim to interrogate the epigenomic landscape during differentiation or disease at the fundamental unit of investigation: the single cell.


  • Multhaup ML, Seldin MM, Jaffe AE, Lei X, Kirchner H, Mondal P, Li Y, Rodriguez V, Drong A, Hussain M, Lindgren C, McCarthy M, Näslund E, Zierath JR, Wong GW, Feinberg AP., Mouse-Human Experimental Epigenetic Analysis Unmasks Dietary Targets and Genetic Liability for Diabetic Phenotypes. Cell Metabolism , Volume 21 , Issue 1 , 138 – 149, 2015 PMID 25565211