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Talmesha Richards

Class 2004
Education BS, University of Maryland Baltimore County

Dr. Nancy Davidson

Current Position Chief Academic and Diversity Officer

STEMconnector and Million Women Mentors

Research Interests

Polyamine metabolic pathway and HER2 signaling pathway

Human epidermal growth factor receptor-2 (HER-2) belongs to the HER family of transmembrane tyrosine kinase receptors along with HER1 (EGFR), HER3, and HER4. In normal cells this family has been shown to be involved in various signaling pathways that control normal cell growth, differentiation, motility and adhesion. HER-2, is an oncogene that is overexpressed in approximately 30% of breast cancers and while there is no known ligand for HER-2 it is able to dimerize with other HER receptors. In breast cancer development and metastasis, HER-2 overexpression has been associated with more aggressive tumors and shorter survival. HER-2 overexpression contributes to tumorigenesis making it a promising target for therapy in human breast cancer. My project focuses on the potential effect that interference with the polyamine metabolic pathway has on the HER2 signaling pathway