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Sarah Park

Class 2005
Education BSE, Duke University

Dr. David Yue

Current Position VP, Foundation Grants & Industry Relations; Research Postdoctoral Fellow

Rare Genomics Institute,

The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Research Institute

Research Interests

Calcium signaling and calmodulin regulation of the transcription of cardiac growth genes

When the expression of cardiac growth genes is not regulated, cardiac hypertrophy and heart failure can result. One signaling pathway that culminates in the expression of cardiac growth genes involves the translocation of Calmodulin-binding transcription activator (CAMTA) from the cytoplasm to the nucleus. My research will involve studying whether and how calmodulin regulates the translocation of CAMTA, thereby influencing the expression of cardiac growth genes. Concurrently, I will study how calcium ions act upstream of this pathway. High-resolution imaging, electrophysiology (patch clamp), and molecular biology techniques will be used to tackle this project.