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Pooja Chaudhari

Class 2012
Education MS, Johns Hopkins University

Dr. Yoon Young Jang

Research Interests

The molecular and cellular changes involving endodermal commitment and hepatic specification in humans is not clearly defined due to a lack of human-relevant model systems. Most of our knowledge of these processes stems from developmental or organogenesis studies heavily reliant on animal model systems like zebra fish and mice.

The advent of Induced Pluripotent Stem (iPS) Cell technology provides a relatively unexplored and potentially more appropriate model system to pursue human-relevant developmental studies. Particularly, the recent advances in directed differentiation of human iPS cells into multi-stage hepatic cells offer a relevant platform for dissecting the molecular events associated with cell fate changes occurring during endodermal commitment and future hepatic specification. Very little is known about the major cell fate regulators governing each stage of hepatic differentiation, such as definitive endoderm, hepatic progenitor and mature hepatocyte. My project deals with dissecting the molecular mechanisms underlying and governing cell fate determination and progression through endodermal and hepatic differentiation and maturation. This work will potentially enhance our understanding of human hepatogenesis, as well as liver pathogenesis.


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