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Mark Sausen

Class 2009
Education BA, University of Delaware

Dr. Victor Velculescu

Current Position Vice President of Research and Development

Personal Genome Diagnostics

Research Interests

With the advent of next-generation DNA sequencing technologies, it is now possible to sequence the human genome quickly and efficiently, specifically, for those patients with cancer.
This allows for the discovery and identification of oncogenes and tumor suppressor genes in different tumor types to facilitate a better understanding of disease pathogenesis. Furthermore, this technology is conducive for genome wide analyses of structural variation, such as somatic rearrangements. Using high throughput approaches to identify genomic rearrangements in the tumor, we are able to develop personalized biomarkers that can potentially be used for therapeutic monitoring with a PCR-based blood test. Future work will involve the optimization and development of this technique, PARE (personalized analysis of rearranged ends), as well its application to different tumor types.


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