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Lisa Mangus

Class 2011
Education DVM, The Ohio State University

Dr. Joe Mankowski

Current Position Research Faculty

Johns Hopkins School of Medicine

Research Interests

Human immunodeficiency virus-associated peripheral neuropathy (HIV-PN) is currently the most frequent neurologic complication of HIV infection. It affects approximately 40-60% of individuals living with HIV, including those receiving effective combination antiretroviral therapy. The most common clinical manifestation of HIV-PN is distal sensory polyneuropathy (DSP), a progressive and often painful syndrome characterized by bilateral numbness, tingling, and burning sensations most pronounced in the feet and lower legs. While HIV-PN is not a life-threatening condition, the debilitating pain and parasthesias associated with the disease can significantly impair patients’ quality of life, and there is a strong need for novel analgesic therapies that more specifically target key factors in the generation of neuropathic pain. Numerous recent studies have implicated certain isoforms of voltage-gated sodium (NaV) channels, namely NaV 1.7,1.8, and 1.9, as essential players in a wide range of painful clinical conditions and analogous animal models. These channels are predominantly expressed by neurons of the peripheral nociceptive system and are attractive targets for the development of new analgesic therapies with minimal CNS side effects. My project aims to investigate the roles of these nociceptive NaV channels in somatosensory signaling using an SIV-infected pigtailed macaque model of HIV-PN. I am also working to design a heterologous expression system that would allow in-depth molecular and electrophysiological characterization of the macaque NaV channels and provide a platform for high-throughput screening of potential modulating compounds.


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