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Kekoa Tappara

Class 2012
Education BS, Fairfield University

Dr. Phuoc Tran

Current Position Medical School

Mayo Medical School

Research Interests

Over 90% of cancer patients die from metastatic disease rather than from their primary localized tumor. Thus it is of general importance to study this biological phenomenon. My research involves elucidating mechanisms by which Epithelial-Mesenchymal Transition (EMT) transcription factors contribute to cancer. These factors have been thoroughly studied for many years in their relationship to normal development, cancer metastases, and disease progression. While traditionally these EMT factors have been investigated in their relationship to promoting cancer metastasis, many novel contributing functions still remain unidentified.

I am specifically interested in how the transcription factors TWIST1 and SNAIL1 can promote early tumorigenesis, circumvent oncogene-induced senescence, reprogram metabolism, and contribute to drug resistance. The novelty of our research in the Tran Lab is our utilization of autochthonous murine tumor models to more appropriately recapitulate cancer biology compared to in vitro culture or orthotopic transplantation of cell lines. Through the use of these models, I have been able to investigate novel mechanisms in vivo of EMT in their relationship to lung and liver cancer.


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