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Julia Russell Pin

Class 2009
Education BA, College of Notre Dame

Dr. Janice Clements

Research Interests

Despite the ability of highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAART) to suppress viral load in HIV-infected individuals below the limit of detection, it is not able to eliminate infection entirely. Additionally, prolonged use of antiretroviral drugs can lead to drug toxicity and the emergence of drug-resistant viruses, and, due to their cost, these drugs are not widely available in developing countries where infection is rapidly spreading. The ability of HIV to establish latent reservoirs early on in infection leads to the persistence of infection since latent virus is not susceptible to the effects of antiretrovirals. A key unknown regarding HIV latency concerns the location of cellular reservoirs containing latent virus.

HIV infects cells of myeloid lineage, namely macrophages, monocytes and pDCs, and these cells play major roles in the immune response to viral infection. It is thought that macrophages may be an important reservoir of latent virus for many reasons. As a secondary lymphoid organ, the spleen houses an abundant macrophage population that not only plays a role in immune recognition and response, but also in spleen architecture. If splenic macrophages harbor latent virus, then this would make the spleen a significant reservoir of latently infected cells.

In the retrovirus lab, we use an accelerated SIV CNS pigtailed macaque model in combination with a four-drug antiretroviral regimen that produces results that closely mimic HIV infection in humans on HAART. My project entails the characterization of the splenic macrophage population in our model and the evaluation of these cell types as a significant reservoir of latent virus.


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