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John Kent Werner

Class 2006
Education BS, US Naval Acacdemy

Dr. Sol Snyder

Current Position CFO - Founder

Cogentis Therapeutics

Research Interests

Inositol Phosphates and A Novel Protein Phosphorylation
Inositol phosphates serve diverse roles in cell signaling. Although IP3 is the most well-known of the inositol species, it is far less concentrated in the cytosol than its further-phosphorylated metabolites such as IP6. It has previously been shown in the Snyder lab that IP7 (which contains a high-energy phosphate bond similar to that of ATP) can phosphorylate proteins in a non-enzymatic fashion. My role in the lab has been to identify proteins that are phosphorylated by IP7 and determine its physiological role. Substrates that I am studying include CK II (the artist formerly known as casein kinase II), Adaptor protein complex AP-3, and the reqQ DNA helicase implicated in Bloom’s syndrome, BLM.