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Jihye Yun

Class 2003
Education MS, Korea Advanced Institute of Science

Bert Vogelstein, MD

Current Position Damon Runyon Research Fellow

Harvard Medical School

Research Interests

Role of RAS/RAF signaling pathway in colorectal tumorigenesis
The RAF-MEK-ERK signaling pathway is a conserved RAS-activated protein kinase cascade that regulates cell growth, proliferation, apoptosis and differentiation. Constitutive activation of this signaling pathway is common to numerous cancers. It has been demonstrated that K-RAS and B-RAF are mutated to oncogenic forms in about 50% and 10% of colorectal cancer, respectively. Interestingly, somatic mutations in K-RAS and B-RAF are mutually exclusive in tumor types, in which both occur, suggesting that K-RAS and B-RAF are equivalent in their tumorigenic effects. I am currently investigating the molecular mechanism of these proteins in colorectal tumorigenesis by cell-based genetic and biochemical experiments.