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Eunhye Park

Class 2004
Education MS, Korea Advanced Institute of Science

Dr. Diane Griffin

Current Position Principal Scientist

Merck 2017

Research Interests

Sindbis virus infection and Neuronal cell death
Sindbis virus(SINV) is the prototype alphavirus, which is an important cause of mosquito-borne disease. In humans, SINV infection causes minor symptoms of fever, rash and polyarthritis. In mice, SINV infects primarily neurons of central nervous system, resulting encephalomyelitis. SINV is a powerful tool to study immunological responses and neuronal damage after alphavirus infection.I am particularly interested in the mechanism of neuronal death after SINV infection. It has been shown that, in SINV infected cells, there is an early response of poly ADP-ribose polymerase(PARP), which is known for its multifunction ranging from DNA repair, cell death, transcriptional regulation, and inflammatory responses. Using cultured cells infected with SINV, I am studying whether PARP-1, the major type of PAPR in nucleus, is involved in virus induced neuronal death. Potential interaction between PARP-1 and viral proteins as well as downstream targets of PARP-1 activation are my focus of research.