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Elena López Ortega

Class 2014
Education MS, University of Seville

Dr. Rick Huganir

Research Interests

In vivo AMPA Receptor Trafficking and Neuronal Responses in Mouse V1 during Stimulus-Selective Response Potentiation.

Summary: My project seeks to unravel the molecular mechanisms underlying Stimulus-Selective Response Potentiation (SRP), a form of synaptic plasticity observed in the mouse primary visual cortex (V1). SRP has been identified as a form of Long-Term Potentiation (LTP), which consists of an activity-dependent increase in synaptic strength mediated by a higher number and activity of AMPA type glutamate receptors (AMPARs) in postsynaptic spines. I will use two-photon imaging techniques in order to visualize the trafficking of AMPARs into and out of dendritic spines and the neuronal responses of V1 excitatory neurons in vivo during SRP induction.