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ChangHee Lee

Class 2006
Education BS, Seoul National University

Dr. Shanthini Sockanathan

Current Position Postdoctoral Fellow

Harvard Medical School

Research Interests

Understanding the cell fate specification in the CNS by examining the effect of retionic acid during early development. Specifically, identification and characterization of retinoid responsive genes and their interacting partners and/or paralogous genes involved in spinal neuron specification. Model organisms include chicken and mouse. Since including them the neuronal development programme is highly conserved among vertebrates, it will give insight on the particular networks controlling the differentiation of neurons.


S. Park*, ChangHee Lee*, P. Sabharwal, M. Zhang, C. L. Meyers, S. Sockanathan, GDE2 promotes neurogenesis by glycosylphosphatidylinositol-anchor cleavage of RECK. ” Science, 2013. (*1st co-author)
P. Sabharwal, ChangHee Lee, S. Park, M. Rao, S. Sockanathan, GDE2 regulates subtype-specific motor neuron generation through inhibition of Notch signaling. Neuron, 2011.