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C. Jimmy Lin

Class 2005
Education BS/BA Yale University

Dr. Bert Vogelstein

Current Position Chief Scientific Officer, Oncology


Research Interests

Understanding the genomic landscape of human cancers

Cancer is a genetic disease driven by sequential accumulation of mutations in oncogenes and tumor suppressor genes. We recently sequenced the 130,023 concensus coding sequences of the human genome in 22 breast and colorectal cancers. In total, we found 1,672 mutations in 1,149 genes, approximately 200 of which we estimate to contribute to tumorgenesis and cancer pathology. We are now currently analyzing and characterizing these genes through a combination high through-put biotechnological, single gene molecular and biochemical, and computational and statistical methods. We hope to then translate these basic science findings for early diagnosis, therapeutic intervention, and effective management in clinical settings.