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Amy Anderson

Class 2011
Education BS, University of California Davis

Dr. Jennifer Elisseeff

Research Interests

My research expertise is in molecular and synthetic biology, polymeric and tissue-derived biomaterials, adult stem cells, drug delivery and tissue engineering in the musculoskeletal system to address metabolic disorders and soft tissue defects.

Projects include:

(a) Engineering therapeutic tissue implants with adult stem cells and synthetic biology

(b) Characterization of an inducible synthetic gene switch in adult mesenchymal stem cells

(c) Biological scaffolds composed of adipose-derived extracellular matrix for soft tissue defects and regeneration

(d) Adult stem stem differentiation on 2D and 3D biomaterial scaffolds

(e) Sustained local delivery of small molecules using PLGA microfibers for browning of white adipose stem cells in fat pads

(f) Metabolism of induced “beige” adipocytes derived from white and brown adipose sources