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Adam Moyer

Class 2009
Education BS, Pennsylvania State University

Dr. Kathryn Wagner

Current Position Postdoctoral fellow

Johns Hopkins University

Research Interests

Muscle regeneration
We are looking at muscle regeneration in the context of both muscle injuries and also muscle diseases including muscular dystrophy. I am setting out to do this two ways – first, I am modulating nitric oxide signaling pharmacologically to try to increase fiber size and myogenic regulatory factor expression, and second, I am attempting to characterize a gene that is putatively a transcription factor playing an important role in muscle development and regeneration, both in cell culture and also in a mouse model.


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Incomplete degeneration versus enhanced regeneration in skeletal muscle. Moyer AL, Wagner KR. J Biol Chem. 2012 Jul 20;287(30):25549; author reply 25550. doi: 0.1074/jbc.L112.380923. No abstract available. PMID:22821807

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