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William R. Bishai, MD, PhD

Department Affiliations Department of Medicine Department of Pathology Molecular Microbiology Immunology (SHPH) Center for Tuberculosis Research
Rank Professor
Office Phone 410-955-3507
Lab Phone
Fax 410-614-8173
SOM Address 108 Cancer Research Building II

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Gyanu Lamichhane 1999 – 2004

Nicholas Be 2005 – 2011

Maia Schoonmaker 2006 – 2013

Brian Luna 2008 – 2014

Laurene Cheung 2009

Kathryn Winglee 2009 – 2015

Stefanie Krug 2014

Beth Ihms 2016

Research Interests

Area of Research

Bacterial gene regulation, pathogenesis, tuberculosis, latent infections, sigma factors.

Specific Research Interests

Transcription factors regulate bacterial adaptive response for switching between rapid growth leading to overt disease and stationary phase survival during which the host is colonized and at risk for disease. We study the role of stationary phase-specific transcription factors in diseases caused by Mycobacterium tuberculosis and Staphylococcus aureus. Latent tuberculosis is a colonization state which affects one-third of the world’s population and carries a significant risk for active TB. M. tuberculosis possesses 12 alternate RNA polymerase sigma factors several of which govern virulence and persistence in animal models and survival in vitro under stationary phase and stress conditions. We are using molecular genetic strategies including microarray analysis with recombinant bacteria to characterize the roles of these transcription factors in diseases caused by M. tuberculosis. Testing of virulence and persistence is performed locally using either the mouse or rabbit models of tuberculosis.

Additionally, clinical research on TB has been an active interest in the laboratory, and we have ongoing collaborative projects with other members of the Center for Tuberculosis Research on experimental therapeutics and diagnostics, both in Baltimore City and in several foreign settings.


Research Profile

• Agarwal N, Lamichhane G, Gupta R, Nolan S, Bishai WR. Cyclic AMP intoxication of macrophages by a Mycobacterium tuberculosis adenylate cyclase. Nature 2009;460:98-102. PMID: 19516256.

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• Lamichhane G, Freundlich JS, Ekins S, Wickramaratne N, Nolan ST, Bishai WR. Essential metabolites of Mycobacterium tuberculosis and their mimics. MBio. 2011 Feb 1;2(1):e00301-10. PMID: 21285434.

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• Gupta S, Tyagi S, Almeida DV, Maiga MC, Ammerman NC, Bishai WR. Acceleration of Tuberculosis Treatment by Adjunctive Terapy with Verapamil as an Efflux Inhibitor. Am J Respir Crit Care Med. 2013 Jun 27. PMID: 23805786.

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