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Sanjay K. Jain, MD

Department Affiliations Pediatrics
Rank Associate Professor
Office Phone 410-502-8241
Lab Phone 410-614-3051
Fax 410-614-8173
SOM Address 109 CRB II



Research Interests

My laboratory focuses on studying the pathogenesis of bacterial diseases, with a major focus on tuberculosis (TB). One of the unique features of my laboratory is the use of noninvasive molecular imaging technologies to noninvasively monitor disease in live animals. I direct a core molecular imaging facility – Center for Infection and Inflammation Imaging Research (Ci3R) –with capacity for PET, SPECT, CT and ultrasound imaging of infected animals ( The goals are to develop novel methods to better understand, diagnose, treat, and prevent infections in humans. For example, given that current imaging techniques for infections are non-specific, we have developed a systematic approach that exploits unique biochemical pathways in bacteria to develop novel pathogen-specific imaging tracers. We have screened hundreds of small molecules to develop a pipeline of bacteria-specific positron emission tomography (PET)-based imaging tracers capable of reliably and noninvasively differentiating infection from cancer and other non-infectious inflammatory process. We have also developed imaging techniques to noninvasively determine antimicrobial penetration into infected lesions, and understand lesions-specific host-responses. These data will help in the development of better antimicrobial treatments by optimizing drug-concentrations in infected tissues, and the use of host-directed therapies. We have developed or utilize several small animal models (mice, rabbits, etc.) – pulmonary and cavitary TB, TB meningitis, and several murine models for pyogenic bacteria. Finally, we also translate our preclinical findings to the clinic and are testing some novel imaging tracers developed in our laboratory in human studies.


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