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Paula J. Hurley, PhD

Department Affiliations Urology and Oncology
Rank Assistant Professor
Office Phone 410-614-9453
Lab Phone
Fax 410-502-5742
SOM Address 124 Cancer Research Building II

Robert Hughes 2014

Samantha Torquato 2014

Research Interests

The goal of the Hurley laboratory is to reduce the death and suffering caused by aggressive prostate cancer. To this end, the laboratory is focused on identifying novel genetic and molecular pathways driving lethal prostate cancer. We recently identified SPARCL1 as a gene down-regulated in high-grade/ metastatic prostate cancer that is a significant, independent prognostic marker of disease progression to metastases. The laboratory is currently examining the mechanistic roles of SPARCL1 and other mediators of aggressive prostate cancer. In addition, the laboratory is also developing new methods for the early identification of drug resistance in metastatic patients using plasma tumor DNA and next generation technologies.


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