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Michael Mingzhao Xing, MD, PhD

Department Affiliations Oncology, Pathobiology, Endocrinology and Metabolism, Medicine
Rank Professor
Office Phone 410-955-3663
Lab Phone 410-502-3046
SOM Address Room 333, 1830 Building

Research Interests

Dr. Xing’s team is interested in studying cellular and molecular mechanisms of thyroid cancer, including its genetic and epigenetic alterations and related cellular behaviors. His team is particularly interested in exploring cellular and molecular derangements associated with the MAP kinase and PI3K/Akt pathways as a fundamental mechanism in thyroid tumorigenesis. An important element of Dr. Xing’s research interest is also clinical translation of laboratory findings. An example is their work on the demonstration of the prognostic value of the BRAF mutation for risk stratification of thyroid cancer that has now been widely recognized. This prognostic use of BRAF mutation, which Dr. Xing’s team recently showed to be even useful preoperatively when tested on thyroid fine needle biopsy specimens, has now entered into clinic to assist risk management and decision making for thyroid cancer. Dr. Xing’s team is also making vigorous efforts in testing the therapeutic potential of targeting key genetic alterations in the MAP kinase and PI3K signaling pathways in thyroid cancer. They demonstrated genetic alteration-dependent sensitivities of thyroid cancer cells to certain inhibitors targeting the two pathways. They have recently also demonstrated inducible re-expression of thyroid iodide-handling genes and restoration of radioiodine avidity of thyroid cancer cells by targeting these signaling pathways, which has important therapeutic implications. These studies contribute to forming a strong basis for some current on-going as well as future clinical trials on testing novel therapeutic strategies for thyroid cancer.