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Luis Andres Garza, MD, PhD

Department Affiliations Dermatology
Rank Associate Professor
Office Phone 410-955-8662
Lab Phone 410-955-3298
Fax 410-614-0635
SOM Address 204 Cancer Research Building II

Garza Lab


Research Interests

The Garza lab studies regenerative medicine and is focused on what controls tissue identity. In particular, how do stem cells maintain tissue identity despite constant cellular turn-over or during wound healing? We use the skin as our model system and ask this question in two contexts. Firstly, we study adult de novo organogenesis. It has recently been shown that certain wounds in mice can recapitulate embryogenesis and grow completely new hair follicles with associated stem cell compartments, vessels and nerves. Our lab is interested in understanding what controls this and how to promote adult organogenesis in the clinic. Secondly, we are interested in defining how malleable is skin identity given its heterogeneity on the human body. Can we reprogram skin identity such that for example new palmo-plantar type skin is generated at the stump site in an amputee? The results of this work have broad relevance since most of human disease is a result of fibrosis and scarring.


Research Profile



  • Amanda M. Nelson*, Adiya S. Katseff, Sydney R. Resnik, Tabetha S. Ratliff, Amadeus S. Zhu, and Luis A. Garza. Interleukin 6 null mice paradoxically display increased Stat3 activity and wound-induced hair neogenesis. J Invest Dermatol 2016 In Press.