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Gordon F. Tomaselli, MD

Department Affiliations Medicine
Rank Professor, Chief, Division of Cardiology
Office Phone 410-955-2774
Lab Phone
Fax 410) 502-2096
SOM Address Room 844
Biophysics Building


Chin Siang Ong 2015

Research Interests

There are two main areas of focus in our laboratory: structure function studies of ion channels and the regulation of expression of ion channel proteins in heart disease and the electrophysiological consequences of this remodeling. We have studied the fundamental basis of permeation and regulation of gating in the voltage dependent Na channel for the past decade. We have discovered the critical role of cysteines in the pore as molecular determinants of ion selectivity and sensitivity to block by divalent cations and isoform-specific toxin blockers. We have more recently focused our attention on the role of the major molecular determinant of selectivity, the outer pore, on slow inactivation gating. Using site-directed mutagenesis, patch clamp recording and fluorescence measurements we have determined that molecular rearrangement of the outer pore is essential to the development of slow inactivation of the Na channel.

The second major area of interest is electrical remodeling that occurs in the context of structural heart disease. We have used several models of heart failure to study regional changes in cell surface electrical signaling and calcium handling using optical mapping techniques and cellular electrophysiological recording. We seek to understand the protein chemical and molecular basis of the alterations in electrophysiological properties by studying changes in the mRNA and protein expression of ion channels and transporters. We have developed a canine microarray for the broad-based study of gene expression in the structurally diseased heart.


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