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Chulan Kwon, PhD

Department Affiliations Medicine, Institute for Cell Engineering
Rank Associate Professor
Office Phone 410-502-2154
Lab Phone 410-614-0071
Fax 443-287-6638
SOM Address 954 Ross

Kwon Lab Page


Research Interests

Our lab focuses on understanding the cellular and molecular mechanisms governing heart generation and regeneration. Heart malformation is the most frequent form of human birth defects, and cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death worldwide. We seek to understand the fundamental biology and regenerative potential of multi-potent cardiac progenitor cells – building blocks used to form the heart during fetal development — by deciphering the molecular and cellular mechanisms that control their induction, maintenance, and differentiation. We are also interested in elucidating the maturation event of heart muscle cells, an essential process to generate adult cardiomyocytes, which occurs after terminal differentiation of the progenitor cells. We believe this knowledge will contribute to our understanding of congenital and adult heart disease and be instrumental for stem cell-based heart regeneration.


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  • Uosaki H, Cahan P, Lee DI, Wang S, Miyamoto M, Fernandez L, Kass D, Kwon C. (2015) Transcriptional Landscape of Cardiomyocyte Maturation. Cell Rep. 13(8):1705-16
  • Kwon C, Tomaselli GF. (2015) Coins of the Realm in Atroventricular Junction Development. Circ Res. 30;116(3):386-8
  • Shenje L, Andersen P, Uosaki H, Fernandez L, Cho GS, Rainer P, Zhong W, Harvey RP, Kass DA, Kwon C (2014) Precardiac Deletion of Numb and Numblike Reveals Renewal of Cardiac Progenitors. 3:e02164
  • Shenje L, Andersen P, Halushka M, Lui C, Fernandez L, Collin G, Amat-Alarcon N, Meschino M, Cutz E, Chang K, Yonescu R, Batista D, Chen Y, Chelko S, Crosson J, Scheel J, Vricella L, Craig B, Marosy B, Mohr D, Hetrick K, Romm J, Scott A, Valle D, Naggert J, Kwon C, Doheny KF, Judge DP. (2014) Mutations in Alström Protein Impair Terminal Differentiation of Cardiomyocytes. Nat Commun. 4;5:3416